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Domain name life cycle

Below we present a diagram illustrating the domain name lifecycle where you can follow consecutive phases and corresponding states of a domain name. A table, containing detailed description of domain names remaining in particular states, is located below the diagram.

You can check a current state of your domain name in the WHOIS database.

.pl domain name life cycle

.pl domain name life cycle
Tems used in the diagram:
  • REGISTERED - the only state in which domain name IS exported to DNS.

  • X days - the period after which the domain name changes state if it has not been previously registered or renewed.

  • NASK - NASK may act as the Registrar of the Service which, in the process of conluding the Agreement creates a domain in the RESERVED state (as a result of realisation of option or after a legally valid verdict of a court) or transfers the domain to the DELETE_BLOCKED state (in the process of terminating the Agreement).

  • Authorised Registrar - domain name Registrar.

  • Renewal - extension of the paid domain name maintenance period through an authorized Registrar. The maximum renewal value for 11 years may be obtained by renewing the domain for 10 years, simultaneously shifting the billing period by a further 365 days.

  • Lack of renewal - Agreement after termination (inactive service). Possible renewal of the domain name through an authorised Registrar.

Permitted operations

Warning! Domain properties can be modified by imposing status on them. Domain-related statuses are not visible in the WHOIS database.

Domain status
Registration allowed not allowed not allowed not allowed
Renewal not allowed allowed allowed not allowed
Transfer to another registrar not allowed allowed allowed not allowed
Change of delegation not allowed allowed not allowed not allowed
Change of subscriber not allowed allowed not allowed not allowed
Resignation not allowed allowed not allowed not allowed