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Disputes (FAQ)

Pursuant to the provisions of the .pl Domain Name Regulations, a domain name dispute denotes actions, taken by a third party before the arbitration court or other court, aiming to protect the third party’s rights which could have been infringed by a registrant as a result of registration of a .pl domain name.

It is recommended, because after receiving a document confirming that a dispute arose, NASK will suspend the change of a subscriber of a domain name under dispute.

Failure to sign the arbitration clause by a registrant of a domain name results in termination of the agreement unless a statement/ information on the registrant’s consumer status has been entered into NASK systems (Article 31 of the .pl Domain Names Regulations). Denoting the registrant's status as a consumer is admissible both in the registration process of a domain name and at a later date during its maintenance, e.g. due to the termination of the registrant's business.

Once NASK receives a final and legally binding decision of a common court accepting the verdict of the arbitration court or a final and legally binding verdict of a common court, stating that claimant's rights have been infringed as a consequence of registration of a .pl domain name, the agreement with a registrant will be terminated and thus the claimant be entitled to register a domain name for them.