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Nearly 490 000 DNSSEC .pl domain names. Nazwa.pl implements DNSSEC in almost 450 thousand .pl domain names.

Nazwa.pl - the biggest .pl domain registrar, cooperating with NASK PIB, has signed their .pl domain names with DNSSEC protocol. Introduced changes increase the security level by ca. 450 thousand domain names which constitutes almost one fifth of the entire volume of .pl registry.

Internet security is an exceptionally important and current issue for every Internaut. In particular, if we make online transactions or provide our data in the Internet. At the end of 2017 ca. 1.6% of .pl domain names were secured with DNSSEC protocol.
The number of secured names has grown to nearly 490 thousand, with nazwa.pl servicing over 90% thereof; that makes the company an unquestionable leader in the scope of security among domain registration and hosting providers in Poland.
From now on, all .pl domain names, serviced by nazwa.pl, will be secured with DNSSEC by default.

Leader sets the standards.

Nazwa.pl is a leader of the domain name market in Poland. Nearly every fourth domain name is registered through that company. Launching DNSSEC is a step towards increasing security of the Polish Internet. - Being no. 1 obliges also to take responsibility for taking responsibility for what is happening in the market. This situation obligates us to define trends. Therefore, we have decided to provide our customers with the access to a secure protocol within the payment for a domain name, says Krzysztof Cebrat, President of the Management Board of nazwa.pl  - We want the users of domain names, registered via nazwa.pl, to feel safe and secure, adds Cebrat.

We are very glad that our educational activities and technical workshops, organized for .pl registrars, on the security of domain names, produce results. We appreciate, all the more, the fact that our biggest registrar, nazwa.pl, has decided to secure .pl domain names, serviced by them, with DNSSEC protocol, therefore advanced its standing in the group of modern domain registrars in Europe. It is also worthwhile to note that amongst our registrars there are also other entities offering DNSSEC solution, and we hope that this service will soon become a standard in Poland - says Roman Malinowski - managing the .pl registry at NASK.

Due to taking those actions the entire number of domain names, secured with DNSSEC, has amounted to nearly 490 thousand, with the .pl registry moving up to the fourth place of best secured, in respect of DNSSEC, registries among over 60 members associated in CENTR (Council of European National Top-Level Registries), after the Netherlands (ca. 2.87 million names), Sweden (ca. 870 thousand names) and Czech Republic (ca. 620 thousand names).

Security through DNSSEC.

Currently used DNS protocol has been designed so as the Internet user is connected to a chosen website in a fast and simple way, unfortunately, with verification of authenticity being omitted. - In practice, it means that a website in an unsecured domain might be substituted. Imagine you log in to a false website of a bank or office and provide your data, in consequence you may put your money at risk or expose your sensitive information - explains Krzysztof Cebrat, President of the Management Board of nazwa.pl.

DNSSEC protocol is one of the elements increasing the security level of Internauts through authentication mechanisms of data sources in DNS by means of asymmetric cryptography and digital signatures. DNSSEC is an effective method of increasing the security of using DNS, and in turn, the security of Internet users and entities operating in the Internet. It means that after entering a website address of a shop or a bank in a browser window, a user is certain that in fact a desired website will be opened, not that prepared by cybercriminals.