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Changes in the .pl Domain Name Regulations

Please be informed that on 25 August 2015 NASK published a new version of the .pl Domain Name Regulations which is going to be binding for the Subscribers of .pl domain names from 1 December 2015. The change, described above, is a result of the cessation of executing the Administrative and Technical Service (hereinafter referred to as Service) directly for the Subscriber.

The most important changes in the Regulations, referring directly to the NASK's cessation of operation as the .pl domain name registrar, pertain to:

  • method of concluding and terminating the agreements on domain name maintenance,
  • provision of Service by NASK,
  • payment of fees,
  • giving Subscriber's consent to provide the Partner with the Service by NASK.

In the new wording of the Regulations there has been implemented more detailed specification of the provisions on the results of:

  • failure to sign the arbitration clause by the Subscriber,
  • termination or expiration of the Agreement binding the Partner with NASK,
  • ailure to pay the fee for the Service,
  • the procedure of conduct in situations posing a threat to the security and stability of the domain system.

There also have been specified transitional provisions for the Subscribers bound by the agreement on the domain name maintenance as of the enforcement of the changes in the Regulations.

The above changes require that the action be taken by the Subscribers, whose registrar is NASK, i.e. provides Service for them. Those Subscribers should choose a new registrar by the end of the billing period if it falls after the changes in the Regulations have been enforced. From 1 December 2015, with the end of the paid billing period, NASK is going to cease providing the Service and renewing domain names for a successive billing periods. Carrying for the security of services provided for the Subscribers, serviced directly by NASK, NASK will inform the Subscribers, in writing, about the date when the designation of the Partner, taking over the function of the registrar of their domain names, is necessary.