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.pl Registry Lock - an effective solution to secure your domain name

Secure your domain at the highest level!

In recent times, starting from the lockdown related to the pandemic, we have been observing an increase in attacks by cyber criminals. In 2020 NASK registered 10,420 cyber security incidents (according to CERT Polska report), which is an increase by 60.7 per cent in comparison to the previous year. It is worth to protect not only your property or the property of your organisation, but also your assets on the Internet and take care to secure your domain name.

.pl Registry Lock is a service offered by the .pl domain Registry, protecting against “hijacking” of a domain name and limiting the risk of unauthorised changes related thereto. It consists in blocking in the .pl domain Registry the current data of the domain name.

.pl Registry Lock blocks the following operations:

  • removal of a paid domain name
  • change of subscriber’s data
  • change of the domain name’s subscriber
  • ability to transfer the service to another registrar
  • ability to change the delegation of a domain name
  • ability to delete and change IP of a name server established in the locked domain name so far it is entered in the delegation of that domain name.

Detailed information on .pl Registry Lock can be found at: https://www.dns.pl/en/pl_registry_lock.
For the list of registrars offering this service please visit: https://www.dns.pl/en/list_of_registrars.