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Annual report - .pl domain name market 2019

The .pl domain Registry presents the annual report ".pl domain name market", containing detailed information summarizing the year 2019.

For NASK the year 2019 was a period of intensive activities related to raising the security level of Internet domain names. At the beginning of the year, the .pl Registry Lock service was made available, allowing to limit the risk of entering unauthorized changes to the domain name that in consequence may lead to its takeover. Furthermore, the Registry increased the DNS performance for the .pl domain by extending the anycast DNS network. As a result, the response time to queries for name addresses in the .pl domain was reduced and the level of resistance to DDoS attacks increased.

At the end of 2019, there were 2 513 491 active names in the .pl domain Registry. The number of renewals was 1 676 097, i.e. by 21 583 higher than in the previous year. The renewal rate reached 65.43%. 

In 2019, the Registry maintained a national domain market share at the level of 72%, one of the highest among the European ccTLDs.

The number of domain names, secured with the DNSSEC technology, increased by 4.43%, as compared to the previous year. The Registry attained a record number of those names, namely 524 343, by 22 260 more than in 2018.

We invite you to read the annual report 2019.