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30th anniversary of the .pl domain!

30th anniversary of the .pl domain!

On July 30th, 2020 we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the registration of the national .pl domain. In 1990, IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), the organization managing top level domains at that time, made a notation of .pl ccTLD, assigned administratively to Poland.

The first operating .pl domains were related to the academic community and their maintenance was entrusted to the NASK Coordination Team, operating at the University of Warsaw. In December 1993 NASK, a research and development unit was established, and took over the obligations of the Coordination Team, including maintaining the .pl domain name registry.

The .pl domain is the first choice domain in Poland, with the largest market share. 7 out of 10 domains registered in Poland are the .pl domains.

We invite you to watch the animation summarizing 30 years of the .pl domain.