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Changes in the life cycle of the .pl domain name

We inform that NASK is working on the adaptation of the .pl domain names life cycle to the expectations of the market to increase the availability of names for registration.

15 December 2014 is scheduled in the .pl registry for the extension of the period in which the .pl domain name is available for registration on the basis of the "first come, first served" rule, however, it is not available for reservation and testing (DNT service). The change refers to the state indicated in the WHOIS database as "Domain name is released from the queue", and in the registry system as a BOOK_BLOCKED term. This state is intermediate between the ineffective reservation and release of the .pl domain name from the registry database, and it is marked by the domain name availability for registration by any NASK's Partner providing this service. For the domain name remaining in this state the contract for option on the registration cannot be concluded, nor the domain name tasting performed

The duration of the BOOK_BLOCKED state will be extended from 5 to 90 days, but the change will not affect the domain names which are already in this state at the time of the above change. The WHOIS database response for this state will also receive a new meaning - the current "Domain name is released from the queue" will be replaced by a new one: "Domain name after being released from the queue, available for registration". The functionality of registering the domain names in the BOOK_BLOCKED state by NASK's Partners., providing this service, will remain unchanged. The diagram showing the current life cycle of the .pl domain name is published on this site

Extending the duration of the BOOK_BLOCKED state aims to increase the availability and improve the transparency of the .pl domain names registration process for all entities.