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Termination of the agreement with the registrar Fachowcy.pl Ventures S.A.

It is to be informed that NASK has terminated the agreement on the cooperation concerning Internet domain names with the registrar Fachowcy.pl Ventures S.A. with an immediate effect. The reason for the termination of the agreement was the registrar's breach of obligations arising out of the agreement.

The registrants, who have been serviced by Fachowcy.pl Ventures S.A., should immediately select a new registrar and transfer the service of the .pl domain name. The service can be transferred only to those registrars which declared their will to accept transfers from viNASK, on the list of registrars they are marked with a blue arrow.

Transfer of the service 

If the registrant holds an authinfo code to the domain name, they should pass it on to the selected registrar. If the registrant does not hold an authinfo code or if the registrant's e-mail address in the Registry is not active, they should follow the procedure for transfer from viNASK. The request should include a working e-mail address. Correspondence with NASK concerning the transfer should be marked 'TERMINATION'.

The transfer should be completed by the end of the period for which the domain name has been paid. The domain name, which will not be transferred, will cease to operate at the end of its billing period. It will then turn into the BLOCKED state (in Whois database described as „domain name's billing period has finished”), where it will stay for 30 days. During this time, the registrant will still be able to transfer the domain name service and renew it for the next billing period. If there is no renewal, after the aforementioned 30 days, the agreement will be terminated and the domain name will be released to the pool of free domain names.

Note! For the sake of the registrants, whose domain names were in the BLOCKED state at the moment of termination of the agreement (i.e. after the end of the billing period), NASK has provided an additional period of 30 days from the date of termination of the agreement (i.e. from 2020.06.05) to transfer their service. The current expiration date of the domain name can be checked in the WHOIS database.

This information does not apply to other services provided by the registrar Fachowcy.pl Ventures S.A. (e.g.: hosting, collocation, operation of websites, mail servers) or names registered in domains other than ".pl". In those matters, please contact the registrar directly.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Centre (tel. +48 22 380 83 00, e-mail: info@dns.pl).