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Withdrawal of reservations

Withdrawal of reservations

It is to be reminded that in the morning on 8 January 2020 the process of registering .pl domain names will be simplified. As before, the .pl domain registry will apply the "first come, first served" rule, however it will be no longer possible to precede the decision on registering a domain name with a 14-day reservation period. We informed you more about the change on 6 June 2019.

After 8 January 2020 .pl domain name reservations will be effected only by NASK in the following situations:

  • execution of the option for a .pl domain name, i.e. providing a domain name for registration for the benefit of an option holder in accordance with the information published on this website.
  • provision of a domain name for registration after a legally binding court decision.

With the withdrawal of reservations, NASK eliminates the state into which unregistered names have passed after the reservation period, i.e. the BOOK_BLOCKED state. All reservations, from this moment on, will result in a direct release of a domain name to the public.

.pl domain name life cycle valid from 8 January 2020:

Cykl życia nazwy domeny .pl