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Report on the .pl domain name market for Q3 2019

Over 2.5 million .pl domain names. Additional security for registrants.

At the end of September 2 553 759 active domain names were being maintained in the .pl domain Registry. During the third quarter of 2019 there followed a decrease by 1.90% in the number of domain names active in DNS. 170 754 new .pl domain names were registered, which means that average of 1 856 domain names were being registered daily. The highest share of names registered directly in the .pl domain was the highest ever recorded in the history of the Registry and amounted to 78.97%.

At the end of the third quarter .pl domain names were being maintained for 1 076 157 registrants. On average, there were 2.37 .pl domain names per registrant. In the analyzed period there were 26 005 changes of .pl domain names registrants.

In September the .pl domain Registry implemented a comprehensive solution for registrars, cooperating with NASK within the framework of the Partner Programme, consisting in easier implementation of formal and legal changes. The solution, composed of three elements: bulk transfer, merger of accounts and assignment, has been primarily designed to strengthen the security of registrants due to the provision of continual administrative and technical service of .pl domain names in the event of termination of cooperation between the Registry and the registrar.

We invite you to get acquainted with the report.