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Information of the .PL Domain Registry on the entity named "DNS Poland"

Information of the .PL Domain Registry on the entity named "DNS Poland".

In reference to the information, received in recent days by the Research and Academic Computer Network - National Research Institute with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter: NASK), on the activity of the entity, named "DNS Poland", using the website www.dnspoland.com, we hereby inform you that:

  • the aforementioned entity is not familiar to NASK, and thus, does not cooperate with NASK in any field;
  • the information, sent to Polish companies by the entity mentioned above, on an alleged attempt to register a domain name, by a third party, which is misleadingly similar to the domain names used by those companies, with a simultaneous offer to register that domain name, does not come from NASK.

At the same time, NASK recommends to maintain the utmost care by all entities that have received the above mentioned messages with respect to take actions specified therein.